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What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol television is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, Its offers the ability to stream the source media continuously, IPTV is an abbreviation for internet protocol television.

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From the perspective of a viewer, it means watching TV via your internet connection rather than fiber-optic cable or radio waves as you would with traditional television. you can watch your favorite TV shows from computers, laptops, and mobile devices instead of having to camp out in front of the tube.

it’s a new technology that provides video content over the Internet. It gives the same video content as cable TV, but IPTV receives signals via the internet instead of cables. This is also referred to as streaming TV. as it allows you to watch live tv channels it provides a broader range of channel and program options.

What Does the Service offer?

It also offers a broader range of content due to its extensive program catalog.
It is available through a set-top box or a digital provider’s app on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. which supports apple devices, android, smart TV, and Amazon products. we offer one of the most reliable Live TV services on the market. You can use any devices you want and find instructions step by step for each device Here

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Breezes is a worldwide provider, we give you excellent picture-quality service most of our channels work without lag or buffering. Our updates are new content nearly daily.
We understand that there will be some problems with the service and we will always work to fix all issues you will ever face, On top of it, our support team is always here available 24/7 to help in case you have any problems or need any information related to Breezes service.

We support all types of device as long as the smart device support the service either a mobile phone, tablet smart tv mag device pcs, or laptop as well as systems such as the firestick, android, windows, ios, & mac

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How does IPTV work?

Internet protocol television works differently. With IPTV, the process of transmitting programs is a lot like anything else you’d do online, from sending an email to loading a web page or downloading a file. Whether you have cable or satellite TV, broadcasters send signals in real-time, which is why you can only watch what’s currently on the air. Unless you have a recording device, you have no control over the programs on offer. It’s a tune-in and “take it or leave it” affair.


when you sign up for the service, M3U or EPG URL and API login details are sent to you at your registered email address. If you haven’t received it, you may need to contact your service provider. Most IPTV players require you to sign in either with the M3U playlist URL or the EPG URL. Some also support API logins it is any app or service that can play IPTV channels from your current IPTV subscription. So, you buy a subscription from your provider and play the channels using an IPTV player if you use multiple subscriptions, management becomes easier with an IPTV player. You do not have to install multiple apps from different subscriptions. You can sign into all of them via a single IPTV player.

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How to use and set up IPTV?

IPTV can be accessed through an IPTV app on any smart device by using the streaming line activation (M3u URL or xtream codes (URL-username-password)) or by the Mac address of the mag device, which typically begins at 00:1A:79:….., as well as the STB app, which provides users with the same formula as the Mag device Mac address. and setup depends on the platform you use

Where to get IPTV For Free?

There is No Lifetime IPTV Free Account but you can get a free trial for a few hours or something days to test the service and then subscribe IPTV needs a Restreaming server and its the most expensive server so to keep it up and working its needs a paid service, IPTV save you time on reaching for online series and movies and the same time its stream live shows in the same device and app
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