How to Use IPTV to Watch Anything Anywhere You may be unable to access live broadcasts through your IPTV subscription abroad due to licensing restrictions. However, there’s a simple solution to keep up with your favorite live TV channels and shows while traveling.

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The IPTV players featured here can be used with many IPTV services. The important point to note is that the apps listed here are just the players and do not provide any IPTV channels.

In order to use these IPTV players, you must have an existing IPTV subscription. Also, your current IPTV subscription must support M3U playlists or EPG.

The IPTV players can be used with the official as well as third-party IPTV services with M3U playlist and/or EPG support.

How To Watch IPTV on Your Android Phone to Watch TV anywhere

A few years ago, someone said the future is portable; well the future is now! The same applies to the TV and the way we watch it; now you can have it all the time on your palm hand and this article is about How To Watch IPTV on Your Android Phone so you can Watch TV anywhere…

The advent of Android and iOS phones have revolutionized the world that we live in today. You’ve literally got everything in the palm of your hand now. From your banking details to schedules of your favorite sports leagues to everything in between. You can sit at home and view the world with a simple click. It’s insane how advanced our world has become and modern mobile phones aren’t even fifty years old yet! Obviously, when you have the world at the tip of your fingers, you probably will prefer to keep it that way. As a result, there has been a decline in rates of telephone usage as well as watching television. A lot of people prefer watching their favorite TV shows and movies on their phones now so that they’re up to date with everything on the go. This is where IPTV comes.

Step 1: Start by downloading the Smart IPTV App from the store.

Please note: For the beginning, the App offers you a 7 Day free trial. After the App expires, you can obtain it again via in-App microtransaction or visit the website and purchase the license.

Step 2: After opening the application and you will see your TV Mac address.

Write it down to prepare for the next step.

Step 3: Open the playlist uploader web page by opening this URL

Place your TV Mac address and the M3U URL you received from us, mark “Keep Online” and press “Add Link

Step 4: After uploading your playlist successfully, restart the Smart IPTV application and the channels will be displayed.

Password for adult content

For unlocking adult content on your Smart TV application you can try 0000, 1234, or 1122.